Marine fluid handling arm

Marine fluid handling arm

It is a special equipment that connects the pipes with a rotary joint and is supplemented by a supporting structure to bridge the loading and unloading of fluid materials between the wharf and the tanker. It includes other accessories such as control systems prepared according to user needs. Marine fluid loading and unloading arms are divided into AM61
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Marine fluid loading and unloading arm is a special equipment for loading and unloading fluid materials between the dock and tanker by connecting pipes with a rotary joint and supplemented by a supporting structure. It includes other accessories such as a control system prepared according to user needs.

Marine fluid loading and unloading arms are divided into AM61, AM62, AM63, AM64 and other series of various structural forms, which can fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

According to the physical and chemical characteristics of the transmission medium of the loading and unloading arm, the difference in temperature and the special requirements of users, it can be designed as carbon steel, stainless steel and heat tracing. The temperature range: -196~+250℃, the design pressure: 10MPa , The nominal diameter is DN80~DN600 (3”~24”), and the operation mode can be designed as manual type or electro-hydraulic control type according to the diameter, model, load and user requirements of the loading and unloading arm. In the process of fluid transmission, the boom can follow the tank ship within the normal drift range of the tank ship, and an audible and visual alarm device can be installed. In this way, through the stroke detection system, it can be provided when the tank ship header drifts out of the specified working range Audible alarm.


Structural features:

Self-supporting single-line boom, each inboard and outboard boom has its own counterweight system. The moving parts of the arm and the external load are photographed by rotation. The structure is simple and suitable for light tonnage containers and shorter arm length operations.


Structural features: A part of the product pipeline provides support for the loading arm, but most of the weight and load are supported by an independent body or supporting auxiliary support organization. The inner and outer arms share a counterweight system. The mixed mode for single-tube loading arms supports compactness and is suitable for large tonnage containers.


Structural features:

Support support arm, also called independently supported loading arm. Its structural system and process pipeline are separated from each other. All weight and external loads are supported by the structure. The process piping and rotary joint do not expose additional loads, so the load on the rotary joint is very small, which can extend the use time. The inner and outer arms share a counterweight system, which is suitable for larger ships and long-term operations.


Structural features:

The branched dual-tube loading arm is also called an independently supported dual-tube loading arm. It is characterized by additional pipes, usually used for gas return. The gas and liquid pipes move simultaneously. The inner and outer arms are on a common weight distribution system, independent of the product pipeline. The weight of the loading arm and the product load is carried by the supporting structure. Process piping and rotary joints are basically unloaded. The rotary joint is lightly loaded, allowing a long operating life. A compact structure supporting a single-tube loading arm, usually used for liquefying natural liquid.

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