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What are the regulations for the lifting speed of the floating plate?


The following editor talks about what are the regulations for the lifting speed of the floating plate?

In order to reduce the volatility of the storage medium, reduce loss, save energy, and protect the environment, an internal floating disk is added to the storage medium. The tank body is installed with a floating disk to seal the storage medium, reduce the temperature of the medium, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection. This equipment is widely used in the national petrochemical enterprises, oil refineries of major petroleum companies of China National Petroleum Corporation and Sinopec, ports and docks, transportation, power plants and logistics departments of troops.

Floating plate is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment that uses buoyancy to make it rise or fall together with the liquid level of the storage tank to cover the liquid level. In the working process, the floating plate cannot be promised to exceed the high liquid level or be located at the low liquid level when it is running, so as to avoid the occurrence of chuck or floating plate sinking.

When the floating plate is less than 1.8m, the flow rate of the tank body in and out of the oil pipe should be limited to less than 1m/s, the floating plate rises and falls smoothly, and the sinking event of the floating plate is initiated. Within 12 to 18 hours after floating, manual measurement and sampling are not allowed. Due to the fire hazard caused by the accumulation of static electricity, the valve stem of the floating disk active vent valve and the floating disk support are not allowed to be lost. What are the regulations for the lifting speed of the floating plate?

As for the floating pan tank, because the low temperature will cause ice at the outlet of the drain pipe, heat preservation or heat tracing measures should be adopted at the outlet, and the accumulated water in the drain pipe should be cleaned up before cooling. When the oil tank is in normal operation, when the drain pipe is kept closed, no matter what the situation, the outlet valve should be opened before the water accumulated on the floating plate is equivalent to 75mm of precipitation;

In the case of normal operation of the oil tank, when the drained water must be turned over, check frequently to prevent oil leakage. The main purpose of bundling the nozzle flow rate stipulated by the standard is also to ensure that the floating disk is not damaged.

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