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What are the benefits of using crane tubes?


The crane management method is widely used in all walks of life because of its high safety, good sealing, safe use, and high efficiency, so it is favored by people. The advantages of using a leak-free crane tube are very prominent, which are mainly reflected in the following two aspects.

Can avoid waste of resources: In the process of crude oil loading and unloading and transportation, the non-leakage crane pipe can effectively reduce leakage and volatilization, and can save crude oil to the greatest extent. Save costs and improve economic efficiency.

Protect the environment and safety: There is little harm to the environment during use. It is well known that the leakage of crude oil will bring great harm, which not only causes adverse effects on the environment, but even endangers human health. Moreover, the use of leak-free crane pipes can avoid this phenomenon, which not only protects the environment, but also benefits human health.

The rotary joint for crane pipe has good sealing performance and flexible rotation. It is used to transport liquid medium between tank trucks and trestle storage and transportation pipelines. The key components of rotary joint for crane pipe are processed by precision CNC machine tools. There are two double channels inside. Raceway support structure, flexible rotation, reliable performance and easy installation. The outer ring is made of alloy steel, and the inner ring is made of stainless steel to ensure that the product itself is safe and reliable.

The crane pipe is mainly composed of fixing, rotating, running, balancing and oil pipes. Among them, the rotating mechanism (rotating joint) is carefully made of forged steel or aluminum alloy, with double row ball bearings inside, and stainless steel special sealing ring, which has the characteristics of flexible rotation, reliable sealing performance and durability. Counterweights, torsion springs, compression springs, tension springs, lead screws and hydraulic and pneumatic balancing devices can all work under extremely small pressure.

The above is a brief introduction of Caichuang Industrial about the benefits of using crane pipes. You can expect and see it. The content is for reference. If you need information, you can contact us.

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