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What are the requirements for the installation of the inner floating plate?


Inner floating plateWhat requirements should the installation meet?

Everyone is familiar with the internal floating disk, but whoever says to do the internal floating disk work can do it, and you have to meet some conditions. User units must provide hot and electricity conditions before construction. Before construction, the storage tank (old storage tank) shall be fed and cleaned. The cover plates of the cleaned storage tank manhole and daylight hole shall be opened, and the storage tank shall be ventilated with an explosion-proof fan. After the construction conditions are reached, install it The electrical appliances used should meet the explosion-proof requirements, and there should be safe electricity protection measures. The personnel entering the tank shall not wear shoes with iron nails. The construction unit shall detect the oil and gas concentration of the cleaned storage tank. This step is necessary. It is necessary to ensure safety. The construction can only be entered under conditions.

The inner floating plate floats on the liquid surface, so that there is no evaporation space on the liquid phase, and the evaporation loss can be reduced by 85% to 90%. In addition, the inner floating plate can isolate the air from the liquid storage, which can reduce air pollution while reducing air pollution. Fire hazard; because there is no air gap on the liquid surface, it can reduce the vibration generated during transportation, prevent the impact of the storage liquid on the tank wall or increase the internal pressure, thereby reducing the corrosion of the tank top and the tank wall and extending its service life.

At present, there are many oil depots in various countries, and all countries have measures to prevent and control volatile oil. A large amount of volatile oil is wasted every year. The way to solve these waste problems is particularly simple, which is to install the floating plate on the top of the floating plate and install it in the oil tank. It can effectively prevent the waste of volatile oil, save energy, reduce energy consumption, and reduce pollution. The floating plate design ensures small liquid space, effectively reduces medium evaporation, and reduces fuel consumption by more than 98%. It is safe to use and reduces environmental pollution.

The above is the editor tells you what requirements should be met for the installation of the inner floating plate? A brief introduction everyone can understand that Caichuang Industrial has produced floating disc manufacturers for many years, and the quality is reliable. You can contact us if you have any information on demand.

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