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Explained how to judge the quality of crane pipes


The following Caichuang Industry Editor on how to determineCrane tubeThe quality of the product is explained.

This product is an industrial equipment for the petrochemical industry dedicated to storage, transportation, and unloading. It can adapt to harsher environments. It has the characteristics of flexible rotation, convenient use, and long life. It can replace traditional metal hoses. How to judge the quality?

Automobile crane pipes can be used for gasoline and diesel, lubricating oil, edible oil, various oils and chemical liquids. Foreign advanced sealing technology can achieve long-term oil leakage, flexible rotation and convenient operation. Oil can be discharged from the bottom of the tanker, and static electricity can be reduced after the oil is discharged.

The train crane tube is used for the loading and unloading of tank cars in the oil depot. The lower part of the slewing tube can be rotated 360 degrees, which is suitable for railway unloading on both sides of the trestle bridge. The utility model utilizes a spring to balance the oil suction pipe, has a simple structure, flexible rotation, and can be operated by one person. All rotating parts adopt oil-resistant rubber sealing ring, which has good sealing performance, safety and reliability.

Crane pipes are generally used for the loading and unloading of gasoline and other liquids, which can flexibly enter and exit the tank truck. This type of crane pipe is generally used on railways and belongs to the train crane. It is more suitable for the railway unloading on both sides of the trestle bridge. It has a simple structure and flexible rotation. , It can be operated by one person, and each rotating part is sealed with rubber, which is convenient for recycling, energy saving and environmental protection, with good sealing performance, safety and reliability.

During the loading and unloading process, the arrangement of the high suction pipe will destroy the absorption force of the crane pipe, slow the loading and unloading speed, and terminate the loading and unloading, while the low suction pipe can avoid interference with each other and reduce the requirement for tightness, thereby Smoothly realize loading and unloading. It is used to send and receive various liquid raw materials in the chemical industry and other industries. Those with a sealed groove must be installed with a butter ring before they can be joined. The angle can be adjusted when the angle is not correct.

The key part of the crane tube adopts the outer ring of stainless steel rotary joint, mainly to ensure safety and reliability under high or low temperature conditions. To avoid accidents, the oil delivery arm should be raised to a proper position to make the product weighing instrument slack. accident.

The selection of high-quality crane tubes (hydraulic loading and unloading arms) not only saves costs for the enterprise, saves manpower and material resources, but also improves the efficiency of loading and unloading vehicles, reducing safety and risk factors. The crane management brand uses Hairun Machinery, which is reliable in quality. , Reasonable price, no worries.

The above is how the editor tells you how to distinguish between the good and the bad of the crane tube. A brief introduction to what everyone knows, the content is for reference only, and you can pay attention to the update of our website at any time if you need to know!

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