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Custom crane tube method to solve this problem


Sometimes, for a certain standard type of crane tube, the only way to transport other parts can be changed, isn't it? The crane tube now supports customization.

When it comes to customization, many people may not know. There are many traces on this matter. Here is a brief introduction. Due to some special factors, some companies may not be able to choose certain standard models of crane tubes, or some parts of certain standard models of crane tubes are not suitable for use by a certain company. There is a contradiction between the enterprise and the standard crane tube equipment. Therefore, the method of customizing the crane tube to solve this problem is a very effective method and a very popular method.

Second, even if it is a customized product, it needs a comprehensive situation to check whether it can be customized. It is not necessary to have a reason for customization, but the actual situation of the manufacturer must be integrated to customize the product, and you must be responsible for your own equipment. .

Fully spliced ​​LNG, LNG fully spliced ​​LiquefiedNaturalGas Chinese name is liquefied natural gas, its temperature is very low, so our crane pipe has excellent low temperature resistance, can adapt to low temperature operation, LNG is a flammable gas, our crane pipe needs to be anti-static, To prevent friction and sparks, in order to meet these characteristics, a special LNG crane tube structure is required: column, liquid phase arm, gas recovery arm, balancer, nitrogen blower, static conductive device, rotary joint and emergency shut-off valve

Working characteristics::

In an emergency, the loading and unloading machine can be automatically and quickly cut off, and it will not be cut off during normal operation.

The two parts separated after breaking can be effectively sealed. Ensure that there is no leakage of gas (liquid).

Anti-static design, fire test, to ensure the normal operation and use of the valve under special circumstances.

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