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Crane tubes are widely used in many industries


Crane pipes are widely used in many industries, and for us, crane pipes are really a good helper for flexing energy. Chuhe tube is limited to the chemical industry,

With the progress of crane pipes to improve society, the performance of crane pipes is also increasing. The characteristics of crane pipes have also been recognized by many industries.

occupied an important position. Crane pipes have many advantages, but we must also use crane pipes correctly and reasonably. If the crane pipe is installed incorrectly, the crane pipe must be

Doesn't work effectively. That being the case, let's get to know the experience of using crane tube together.

When installing the crane pipe, it must be carried out in accordance with the corresponding standards. When connecting the oil stand and the crane pipe, you must pay special attention to whether the connection between the oil stand and the crane pipe is secure


When installing the crane pipe, it is necessary to connect the horizontal short pipe to the base flange of the oil stand, and then connect the horizontal short pipe and the lifting arm. This work is ready

After that, you can start to install the balancer and connect the balancer's tie rods.

When installing the crane pipe, the balancer must be adjusted to be within the specified range.

When installing the crane pipe, each flange surface must be cleaned up to prevent other substances from affecting the crane pipe installation. At the same time, if there is a sealing groove, it is good to install

Connect after installing o-ring.

1. The operating procedures for installing crane pipes:

1. Check the completeness of the oil platform facilities of the oil depot, and the oil truck with a fire cover is qualified and effective. Check the electrostatic grounding wire to ensure good contact and clamping.

Appropriate location, oil depot has a designated location or oil owner’s beam, fastened and effective.

2. The electrostatic grounding wire must be connected before draining the oil, and carry out stable oil static operation according to the regulations, seal the drain port, and reduce the outflow of oil and gas.

Apply and other related work.

3. When loading and unloading oil, the crane tube inserted into the car should be inserted vertically into the bottom of the cylinder, and the insertion and extraction speed should not exceed 1 m/s.

4. Place the oil spill probe at the safe height of the cylinder port.

5. Operate or control the oil-receiving switch according to the requirements of the oil-receiving system.

6. After the crane pipe loading and unloading operation is completed, the exhaust must be exhausted, the excess oil must be discharged, and the tank mouth must be returned to its position.

7. Remove the static wire, check the reset of other equipment, and allow the vehicle to leave.

2. Maintenance procedures for crane pipe installation:

1. When an obvious leak is found in the crane pipe joint, stop working, save the oil, disassemble and check, generally check the sealing ring first.

Whether it is aging, abraded, and whether the sealing port is damaged. If damaged, repair measures such as polishing should be taken. After polishing, the matching size and fit cannot be guaranteed

Should be replaced when accuracy. Generally speaking, aging parts that are easily damaged and deteriorated have a certain number of parts when they are packed, and users can use them.

2. If the rotation is not flexible, check whether the rotating mating part is well lubricated. If it is insufficient, it should be filled up regularly (once every quarter).

Lubricant (fat).

3. All disassembly and assembly, regardless of whether parts are replaced, and after reassembly, must be pressure tested in accordance with the factory inspection standards. The specific specification is

The test pressure is 0.6Mpa, each rotating part is rotated, and the operation is flexible. If it does not leak, it is qualified and can be restarted.

4. Regularly inspect and clean the crane tube.

5. Reasonable use and maintenance of crane pipes can help extend the life of crane pipes, effectively improve loading efficiency and save costs.

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