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If the crane pipe cut-off valve is not used, the equipment will be broken and damaged


Crane pipe can be understood literally, it is a telescopic mobile pipeline, mainly used for loading and unloading liquid in the oil and water terminals of petroleum and chemical terminals. General specification 8-20 is a special equipment in petrochemical liquid treatment process. The rotary joint is connected with the rigid pipe fittings and elbows to realize the movable device for liquid medium transportation between the train, automobile tank car and trestle storage and transportation pipe fittings, replacing the old hose connection, with good safety performance, strong flexibility and long service life long. This product meets the requirements of GBJ74-84 "Petroleum Depot Design Specification" and is an ideal special equipment for the process of sending and receiving oil. It can also be widely used in the chemical industry to send and receive various liquid materials. Crane pipes are divided into: car loading and unloading crane pipes, train loading and unloading crane pipes, aircraft loading and unloading crane pipes, barreled crane pipes, etc.

The oil crane pipe machine for highway and railway is mainly used as special equipment for oiling operation of railway oil tanker and highway oil tanker. According to the loading and unloading method, it can be divided into up and down loading and unloading. Its conveying medium includes petroleum products such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, and can also convey chemical products such as concentrated sulfuric acid, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, dissolved sulfur, asphalt, and carbon disulfide. The crane pipe is mainly composed of fixing, rotating, manipulating, balancing and oil pipes. The rotating mechanism (rotary joint) is made of forged steel or aluminum alloy, with built-in spherical bearings and special stainless steel sealing ring, which can rotate flexibly, seal reliably, and is durable. Counterweight, torsion spring, compression spring, tension spring, lead screw, hydraulic and pneumatic balance, can work under relatively small pressure.

1. Pillars:

In order to rationalize the weight of the support arm, the load of the rotary joint is dispersed and the installation is stable. Pillars and trestle bridges can be bolted or welded during assembly.

2. Inner arm lock:

When the arm is in a fixed position, it is used to lock the arm to prevent damage to the arm due to non-operation or operator's operation in a high wind environment.

3. Interface:

The connecting part of the arm and the pipe or the tank truck is generally connected by a flange.

4. Rotary joint:

It is used for swing arm movement to meet the normal range of use (covering range). The commonly used low temperature crane tube is the swing arm connector to realize the three-dimensional movement and the flange interface.

5. Inner arm:

The part between the joint and the outer arm can rotate on a horizontal plane.

6. Outer arm:

It is the main component of the cryogenic crane tube, which can be rotated 360° horizontally and 75° vertically.

7. Balance system:

Used to balance the weight of the outer arm, making the arm flexible and light. The spring barrel is a balance system, and the spring barrel is a compression spring.

8. Low temperature traction valve:

When the pipeline is stressed, the disconnect valve installed on the pipeline is disconnected from the middle, and the built-in valves at both ends are automatically closed to prevent liquid leakage and prevent the pipeline from being disconnected. For example, when the tanker was loading and unloading materials, the driver did not pay attention, driving before the pipe was broken, and the ship accidentally drifted. If the cut-off valve is not used, the equipment will be broken and damaged.

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